11 diciembre, 2023

Mexicali general hospital received 7 million pesos donation from Bilbao Vizcaya Bank and the NGO Ayudemos a Mexicali


In order to keep fighting against COVID-19, the General Hospital of Mexicali (HGM) received a significant donation worth 7 million pesos in medical supplies, from the BBVA Foundation jointly with the social organization Mexicali’s Support.

On behalf of the Secretary of State Health, Alonso Oscar Pérez Rico, the director of the HGM, Diego Fernando Ovalle Marroquín, received the supplies, who explained that a trailer with 28,300 medical gowns, 4,900 was chartered from the country’s capital. It covers boots for foot protection, 12,600 covers single mouths and 6,700 covers N95 mouthpieces with reinforced protection.

“In the tough fight against the health emergency caused by Covid-19, the contributions of society have been fundamental, groups such as Mexicali’s Support and the BBVA Foundation have demonstrated their support for the entire health sector, for them all of our recognition for your support; pointed out”, Dr. Ovalle Marroquín. The delivery of the supplies was made by David Cadena Ruvalcaba on behalf of the organization Mexicali’s Support, who specified that in total they have delivered some 11,000 complete medical kits.

The breakdown of the donations is as follows: Let’s support Mexicali contributed 3 million pesos and the directors of BVVA in the city of Mexicali 500 thousand pesos for 3 and a half million pesos; The foundation at the central level made an equivalent donation for an additional 3.5 million pesos to total 7 million.

Since the pandemic began and considering successive deliveries, it is estimated that the donations have reached 18 million pesos, adding the amount given by organization Mexicali’s Support and Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Foundation.

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