20 marzo, 2023

Violent repression in a demonstration in Cancun: Two journalists were shot


Police violently repressed a demonstration that was claiming justice for the victim of a feminicida, she was named Alexis and had been killed a few days ago in Cancun in the southeastern state of Quintana Roo, the Police had opened fire against journalists and demonstrators, so far, information points out at two journalists who were wounded, among the confusion that the violent reaction of the city´s PD officers.Cancun

In the video, firearm detonations can be heard, people screaming pleading not to be beaten and Cancun PD officers calling names and threatening the demonstrators, violence got out of control even though the demonstration was peaceful.

Reporters Cecilia Solís was shot on the right leg and Roberto Becerril on the left arm; meanwhile, the Police beat Santiago Rodas, photographer from the Quadratin news agency and Selene Huidobro reporter from Grupo Sipse.

Miss Huidobro also collaborates with Capital Noticias in Lokura FM and, in fact, were hit with a bat, but reports state that she is out of danger, but the violence and intolerance of the police officers will be the subject of a thorough investigation, it is important to clar up what happened in Cacun this MOnday,  said Alberto Capella, Quintana Roo secretary of Security.

Capella regretted the violence and assured that there will be an serious and very strict investigation in order to determine what really happened in Cancun on Monday November 9, when a feminist protest turned into hell, when a group of people demonstrating against violence, became the victims of a violent attack by those who are supposed to protect and serve.



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