23 marzo, 2023

Navy Captain takes charge of San Felipe PD, after murder attempt and resignation of prior Chief


San Felipe’s public safety has been under very hard times and the murder of two of the main PD officers and Chief Valdez resignation, are a hell of a challenge for the newborn Municipality, José Luis Dagnino, top notch of the Municipal Fundational Concil, has a big challenge ahead.

There’s a new Chief at San Felipe PD, he has more than twenty years of service in the Secretary of the Navy of Mexico and has obtained multiple awards, decorations and recognition throughout his career for achievements in reducing the rates of violence in several regions of the country.

Captain Andrés Bonilla Castro took charge as the new chief of the San Felipe PD, said the president of the Municipal Foundational Council, José Luis Dagnino López, who expressed his absolute support for the new Chief, who arrived after Ramon Valdez resigned after the attack on him and two other top officers who died in an ambush.

Bottom line is, Valdez is a lawyer in charge of San Felipe PD, he had worked in the FGE, State Attorney Office, but the violent attack that caused his resignation, called for harsher action so a Navy distinguished Officer had to be summoned, and Captain Bonilla has an outstanding resumé, according to Dagnino..

He also mentioned the support of Governor Marina del Pilar, who has always helped San Felipe, seventh municipality of Baja California, as well as the Federal Government support to keep San Felipe for residents and tourists. Likewise, he reported that he has the support of the Mexican government through its institutions, he stressed that the main objective is to maintain peace and the safety of families in the Municipality of San Felipe.

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