7 febrero, 2023

In the heart of Guadalupe Valley: Glamping, wedding or just kicking back tasting wine, beer or coffee in Maglen


Guadalupe valley is the heart and soul of Mexico´s winery, and it has successfully combined the wine culture and the touristic appeal of the valley´s natural beauty, with wine, beer, coffee, food and leisure, there are several alternatives to stay for a nice holyday or vacation, spend a few days resting as a guest in hotels, resorts and camping sites, around the valley, and in MAGLEN resort, among other amenities, glamping is just one of four choices for the guests.Guadalupe Valley

Embedded in the mountain, with four different locations just around he corner from one another, MAGLEN offers different concepts for those who want to experience Guadalupe Valley, such as the so called “glamping” an interesting conept, which means «camping with glamour», it is a very appealing area, across the dirt road from another section of the resort called Villas, where the tasting room becomes a magical hall to sit and sip the different wines made at MAGLEN winery.Guadalupe Valley

The glamping area is a special space, where vintage campers reminiscing the 50’s or 60’s are “tuned up” to become glamorous accommodations, with a small porch at the door, a small complex with several of those rooms, and a small “plateau” which ends up in a small canyon with a stage, an ideal place for musical events or even wedding parties.Guadalupe Valley

Maglen offers four different environments on the mountainside of the guadalupe Valley, scattered around other states, where the landscape is found once you cross the gate, as the Oak Grove, a place with about 20 rooms, surrounded by a beautiful landscape on the shade of enormous oak trees, some people have booked all the rooms for weddings. The restaurant, brewery and beer taproom are in this complex.

At walking distance up the hill form the Oak Grove, the wine tasting room is concealed inside another section of the resort, as well as the winery facilities, not visible from the outside, because in Maglen Resort there´s no façade, it´s all inside, you have to enter to enjoy the experience and find a place where you can taste the house fine white and red wines, surrounded by art and an awesome view.

MAGLEN wines are very important in the resort´s concept, not only for their guests’ appreciation but also as an operation that yields 2 thousand 500 boxes of wine every year, about 30 thousand bottles, they also have a brewery and their beer brand is called 90.8, and they bring fresh coffee beans to roast there.

Sixty rooms altogether, in four different “ambiances”: the Glamping area, Encinal (Oak Grove), Tesela and Villas, strewn around dirt roads and a landscape reminding the Mediterranean climate and finding a whole different environment in each of them, Villas and the Oak Grove stand out as the main attractions, such as the coffee mill, winery, brewery and restaurant are located there, a place to relax and enjoy the valley of Guadalupe.




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