24 marzo, 2023

Vazquez Sounds, teen musical group form Mexicali, appointed UNICEF Ambassadors


Abe, Angie and Gus, members of the musical group Vázquez Sounds, hailing originally from Mexicali, Baja California, and which in 2014 obtained the Latin Grammy nomination for Best New Artist, have been named Ambassadors of UNICEF Mexico in recognition of their commitment to the rights of the childhood and adolescence.

Their lives on the northern border of Mexico have brought them closer to the challenges faced by migrants, which is why their first collaboration with UNICEF was through the dissemination of messages against discrimination that girls, boys and adolescents experience. migration. As a result of their commitment, in 2019 Abe, Angie and Gus were appointed youth spokespersons for UNICEF Mexico and, as a result of that appointment, they intensified their collaboration through different initiatives.

For example, the youth group has supported the dissemination of topics of interest to young people. They have shown great interest in eradicating violence against children and adolescents, they even have a musical piece on this subject titled Natalia, and Angie, their vocalist, joined the Spotlight campaign, an effort of several United Nations agencies that seeks to put end violence against girls and women.

The Vázquez Sounds have participated in various forums on the rights of children and adolescents, for example, in the Concausa initiative, which promotes social entrepreneurship initiatives. They also participated in Plan 12, a UNICEF regional effort that responds to the urgent need for adolescents in Latin America and the Caribbean to continue their learning. Angie also participated in a discussion at Frida Khalo’s Blue House, in which young women from different professional fields talked about their experiences and the problems that adolescent girls face. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Vázquez Sounds have shown enormous commitment by disseminating guidance messages on hygiene measures. In addition to this and, with the aim of supporting families in vulnerable conditions and with difficulties to feed their daughters and sons, they joined the fundraising campaign Challenge for Children, inviting the public to donate healthy food packages to protect children from malnutrition.

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