6 febrero, 2023

Baja California is still under orange COVID19 light: Secretary of Health Oscar Pérez Rico


Baja California maintains the orange COVID19 light status, within the so called #New Normality” with the same activities allowed and the same attendance capacities for public places such as movie theaters, restaurants, gyms and other public spaces, this is Epidemiological Week #42 and the State is descending in total cases at a National level, but Baja Californians still have a long way ahead, said Health Secretary Oscar Perez Rico.

HE said that in the last 5 days there was a “positive” trend of patients connected to respiratory equipment, so the call is for everybody to reinforce the personal and communitarian preventive measures, including the mouth piece protection use, he also said that now the Influenza season is about to begin, so it is important to maintain the social confinement as much as possible.

Between September 11 and October 11, there have been 9 thousand cases at a national level and one thousand 380 of them have occurred in Baja California, which places the State in the 24th place among all Mexican States, and the campaign “For everyone in BC”, so the next few weeks will be crucial in the struggle against the Coronavirus pandemics that has affected all the planet.

He also said that 120 thousand Influenza vaccines have arrived to Baja California and 7o thousand have already been applied, before October 20 there will be 320 thousand more vaccines available, the final goal is for 900 thousand people to be vaccinated during the Winter season.

According to national figures there have been 35 thousand 465 documented cases, of which 20 thousand 386 have turned out positive, in Tijuana there are 6 thousand 639 patients; 9 thousand 175 in Mexicali; Ensenada 2 thousand 686; Rosarito 377; Tecate con 568; San Quintín/Vicente Guerrero 633 and San Felipe 308; adding up to 12 thousand 952 patients recovered from COVID-19.      

Deaths by coronavirus are reported as follows: 3 thousand 662. Tijuana with one thousand 520; Mexicali one thousand 594; Ensenada 396; Tecate 109; Rosarito 20; San Quintín/ Vicente Guerrero with 21 and in San Felipe two people have died of COVID19.   

The active cases in the last 24 hours are 378, distributed like this: Mexicali: 160, Tijuana: 112, Ensenada: 65, San Quintín 13, Playas de Rosarito 15, Tecate 11 and San Felipe 2 active cases have been confirmed.  

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