29 enero, 2023

Another desalination plant project cancelled in Baja California peninsula, this time in Los Cabos


Last July, the water desalination plant which was being built in Rosarito, Baja California, was cancelled, a 10.6 billion peso undertaking that, due to the rejection of President Lopez Obrador, was revoked, because he deems it a “neoliberal project” which has nothing to do with his government plans, but ignores the real problem of water in Tijuana, Rosarito and Ensenada, the Pacific Coast of Baja.

Nevertheless, Los Cabos has serious drinking water supply problems, especially in Cabo San Lucas, and the plant would benefit over 464 thousand inhabitants and provide 250 liters of water per second.

And now things are getting hard for Mexico’s Baja California Sur, the local congress has to approve the financing of a desalination plant in Los Cabos, which adds up to 1.2 billion pesos, and even when Mexican development bank Banobras confirmed a loan in 2016, the plant has faced many obstacles, authorities must have everything solved by September 30, or the financing Banobras committed through its infrastructure fund Fonadin, could be lost.

Baja Sur has an 891 million pesos desalination plant planned for La Paz municipality, also with BANOBRAS funding, the engineering surveys are already underway, but inability of the state’s congress to vote is the problem since quorums cannot be met, five minority state legislators were expelled by the majority ruling Morena and PT parties on August 22. Congress has 21 members, 13 of which form the majority, they were banned from holding a public post for two years because they did not show up for five consecutive sessions. Additionally, three other legislators were sanctioned.

About 49% of the project’s cost would be covered by an almost 500mn-peso Fonadin loan, while the private sector would cover the rest, according to Banobras, the plan was to launch the tender in September and begin construction in 2021, but it is unclear how long the legislative dispute will prolong the process or if it would result in the plant’s cancellation.

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