6 febrero, 2023

Slow ambulance response from 911, lack of equipment and personnel, deception in Social Security hospital, in COVID19 death of a woman


“My mother got COVID19 and she died”, says Susana Vazquez whose mother passed away on September 15 in Clinic 30 of the Mexican Institute of Social Security in Mexicali, she and her mom had shown symptoms for quite a few days, but on September 8, her mother got worse and she had to call an ambulance to take her to the hospital.

She dialed 911 but the response was so slow that the ambulance arrived almost an hour later, when they arrived the man on the ambulance was trying to delay things, because he ¿was by himself and the other paramedics arrived later on a car and they were not utterly ready as they should have, so precious time was wasted.

“They had no oxygen for my mother, so we had to lend them the oxygen supply equipment we had been leasing for my mother, they didn´t allow me in the ambulance and, had I known what was going to happen I would have skipped the 911 call and would have got my mother to the hospital, it would have been much better”, says Ms. Vazquez.

When her mother was accepted into the Hospital she was let absolutely “incommunicado” since the only contact for patients relatives and doctors is by phone, so an alleged doctor called Brenda Ruiz, called to tell her that her mother had arrived unconscious and with her fingers turning blue, which worried Susana a lot, but the “mysterious” doctor Brenda Ruiz told her that the woman hadn´t needed mechanical respiratory assistance.

Then, the following day, another doctor called Imelda Gonzalez called and told her that her mother had been canalized for artificial breathing assistance from the very moment she arrived to the Clinic, that they had made the COVID test to her and that the result would take 10 days: “Ten days! My mother was in very serious condition to make it thru a ten day waiting”, she said.

“There is a big lack of personnel, the only contact for the patients´ relatives with doctors is on a cell phone and from Monday to Friday, they don´t have enough people so on weekends there is no communication, the ambulance lacked equipment and the paramedics were not really prepared for the emergency”, said Susana who will seek for justice since she considers that her mother died because of the negligence of both the ambulance paramedics and the IMSS Clinic personnel and in her death certificate the cause of death only states: “Probably COVID”, she said that it is not fair.

 “Hay muy poco personal, el único contacto con los médicos es por teléfono y solo de lunes a viernes, la ambulancia que llegó tenía muchas carencias de equipo, en el hospital no hay personal suficiente”, aseguró Vazquez Becerra y dijo que buscará la forma de que se haga justicia porque ella considera que su madre murió por negligencia, en el acta de defunción dice “SOSPECHA DE COVID”.

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