7 febrero, 2023

Chihuahua dog burned by owners, rescued by animal advocates, unfortunately the animal died, witnesses threatened


A small female dog Chihuahua, was burned when her owners threw boiling water at her, and caused severe damage, in a Mexicali popular neighborhood, the animal had been repeatedly abused for a long time and neighbors reported this to For Love to Them, an animal advocate NGO, so Denisse Sanchez Romero went and rescued the little pet, who she christened as Milagros (Miracles in Spanish) and provided her with medical attention, but unfortunately harm was massive and she died.

The address where the little pet lived and suffered is located on 3392 San Quintin Avenue, “that´s where I rescued little Milagros” and explained that she represents an NGO association which advocates the rights and wellbeing of animals, and stressed that these sorts of situations stem from the lack of awareness, that having a pet at home is not like having a toy, they must be considered part of the family.

They called the Police, there was a formal complaint filed against the owners of Milagros, there were even witnesses, the neighbors who called Ms. Sanchez Romero, but then nothing happened because it seems that the people who would testify were threatened and preferred to step aside.

Sanchez Romero asked Mexicali Mayor Marina to give real attention to animals mostly those who are taken to the Animal Control Center of Mexicali municipality, so they can receive proper attention and said she would like to remind her about the Animal Shelter Major Avila mentioned a few months ago, because Animal Control goes beyond catching and sacrificing dogs.

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