1 abril, 2023

Stories from the course of disaster, the pandemics challenge for teachers, virtual presentation in CETYS University


Since the beginning of the pandemic, teachers around the world have encountered new challenges in continuing teaching. Educational institutions have migrated their face-to-face classes to virtual models and later to hybrid systems, which will help safeguard the health and physical integrity of students.

Experiences lived by teachers around the world, on the face of contingency, tell unique stories. With the purpose of giving them a voice, CETYS University, through the Academic Vice-rector and the Editorial Program of CETYS University, presented the international virtual panel: The teaching staff in the face of the pandemic. Stories from the course of the disaster, where the homonymous book was discussed, with the collaboration of teachers from the United States, Colombia, Spain and Mexico. This virtual meeting was part of the activities for the 59th Anniversary of CETYS University.

“What happened to the teachers and students in that sea of confusion? What did they do and what did they stop doing? How did they negotiate with fear, fragility and uncertainty? How did they deal with the nostalgia caused by being torn from the territory where they have taken root? “commented Dr. Gárate Rivera, introducing the questions that were guide for the development of the book and that allowed to explain the teachers’ stories in the face of the changing situation.

Present at the panel were: Dr. Melissa A. Fitch, professor at the University of Arizona in the United States; Prof. Lina M. Osorio Valdés, postgraduate coordinator of the Autonomous University of Bucaramanga in Colombia; Dr. Eduardo Romero Sánchez, professor at the University of Murcia in Spain and Dr. Alberto Gárate Rivera, Academic Vice-Rector of CETYS University and moderator of the panel, who are also co-authors of the publication.

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