23 septiembre, 2023

Tourism, Mexico´s “industry without chimneys” is resurfacing, Cabo San Lucas visitors flow starts to grow


Mexico´s touristic activity is awaking, after several months of quarantine and social distancing, Los Cabos and the Mayan Riviera, are the most important of the hundreds of Mexican touristic destinations are opening again, their activity and Hotel occupancy fell to almost zero, and now they are coming to life again.

Los Cabos hotel occupancy was almost ZERO in May and 7% in June, while during July 2020, hotels were at 21% of their capacity which, compared to 72% in July 2019, results in a 51% decrease, but there is optimism among the touristic servers since the occupancy in June 2020 was 7% and in May 2020 it was 1%, but according to Los Cabos Tourism Fund, so the last quarter of the year will determine if recovery grows steady.

Now, the growth of hotel occupancy in August hasn’t been accounted for yet, but expectations are high, and the figure could go as high as 30-35%, which would be no big deal in a normal year but this 2020 has been atypical and recovery might be slower than one would wish, but everything points at a higher rate of recovery for Los Cabos in the last three months of the year.

Los Cabos has become one of the world´s most popular vacation spot among the rich and famous, so there are super luxurious resorts, such as NOBU, WALDORF ASTORIA, SANDOS FINISTERRA, PUEBLO BONITO and HACIENDA BEACH CLIB among others, and those resorts that have turned Los Cabos into one of Mexico´s most important touristic spots, where even people as Robert de Niro have invested in some of the fanciest hotel resorts in Los Cabos.

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