8 diciembre, 2023

Illegal aliens smuggler with an outstanding warrant in the USA, detained by the State Guard in Mexicali


An alleged “pollero” or “coyote” (colloquial name for illegal immigrants traffickers) from Brawley, California who has an arrest warrant in the United States, fled to Mexicali and was captured by the State Guard of the State General Attorney´s office (FGE), who were alerted by the US Marshals, his name is NESTOR “X” and somehow he managed to enter Mexico trying to hide, here he was detained by state authorities, according to a press release by the FGE, in the operation the National Immigration Institute, also participated and it is the instance in charge of sending him back to the States.

According to the information supplied by the US MARSHALS to the State Guard of Baja California, NESTOR had been arrested in the Calexico-Mexicali border in 2016, when he was caught trying to smuggle illegal aliens on his car, so he spent  three years in prison, then he got parole and took advantage of the chance to run away and escaped to Mexico, where he had been for a few moths trying to evade justice.

When he was driving around the Lopez Mateos section in Mexicali, State Guard agents saw him and noticed he fit the description on the US Marshals report, so they pulled him over, and corroborated his identity, by calling the C4 Command Center, so he was taken to the border crossing to be extradited and to be tried by the United States justice system, the operation was coordinated among the FGE, the US Marshals and the National Immigration Institute.

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