9 diciembre, 2023

“Work & learnfrom paradise” a new touristic trend by Playa Hotel and Resorts


Early this summer, Playa Hotels & Resorts launched the “Work and Learn from Paradise” program, and a new trend in the travel industry was born. Stay for 14 days, be upgraded to a suite room, receive free spa treatments and have all your needs taken care of you through an all-inclusive package – sounds amazing, right?

Throughout August, a number of resorts followed with variations of extended stay offers. However: How does Playa Hotels & Resorts feel about that? “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” said EVP & Chief Marketing Officer Kevin Froemming. “I think everybody sort of identifying this; I think it’s great that we lead the way. We paid a lot of attention to our travel agents and quite frankly, this has been something that we’ve been thinking about for quite some time on our executive conference calls.

“We’re glad that the rest of the industry is catching up with us on this. I think it’s great for the industry to see people coming back to the resorts and these type of programs are going to help our industry recover faster. From our perspective, we want everyone to come here, but we realize that there are others out there, so we welcome it as a part of our industry recovery.”

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