8 diciembre, 2023

Mexico´s beaches, as Los Cabos and Vallarta are still seeking to attract toursits among COVID19 crisis


With Americans shut out of traveling to most countries in the world due to the coronavirus pandemic, Mexico is looking more attractive to travelers itching for an international trip. But is now the right time to go? Is Mexico safe? What about later this year or the holidays?

Before we get to COVID-19, let’s consider the weather. As we enter the peak of the hurricane season, Mexico’s beaches are vulnerable, especially those along the country’s Caribbean coastline stretching from Cancun in the north to the Riviera Maya and Tulum in the south. Western beach towns such as Puerto Vallarta and Cabo can also be hit by tropical storms and stifling humidity through the end of September. Mexico City, located 7,000 feet above sea level in the country’s mountainous interior, is in the midst of its rainy season (July-Sept.), when it usually rains a little bit every day, but is significantly cooler than beaches, with average temperatures in the 70s.

But as the weather in Mexico cools off and dries out starting in October, the biggest concern among travelers is going to be COVID-19, right now, advice from the CDC warn Americans to avoid all non-essential travel to the country. “COVID-19 risk in Mexico is high. If you get sick in Mexico and need medical care, resources may be limited.” It says that if you develop symptoms while abroad, “you may be isolated and not permitted to return to the U.S. until you have recovered fully from your illness.” That’s pretty scary, but not scary enough to keep some intrepid travelers away.

Currently, the land border between the U.S. and Mexico is closed, but airline travel is still permitted in both directions. Travelers ready to get out of the U.S. are perusing newly reinstated flights from Bay Area airports. Airlines are enticing these travelers with good deals (around $300 roundtrip from through this winter), and recently relaxed restrictions on changes and cancellations

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