1 diciembre, 2023

Los Cabos City Hall cleans and maintains the streets after hurricane Genevieve´s damages last month


Cleaning and maintenance work has not stopped in Los Cabos, through the General Directorate of Public Services, which continues to work with forced marches to re-establish the image of the municipality.

The head of Public Services in Los Cabos, Roberto Sandoval Montaño, assured that thanks to the constant work of the areas that make up the agency, around 190 tons of branches and pots have been removed from the streets in San José del Cabo, as well as in Cabo San Lucas, where the figure is similar.

Roberto Sandoval explained that the care protocol for the affected areas after the past rains was focused, -in the beginning-, on the central area, giving way to the attention of the citizens’ reports, which increased to 70 daily , but thanks to continuous efforts, they have gradually decreased.

Finally, he said that the agency under his charge is prepared for the next rains that occur in Los Cabos; Likewise, he assured that the cleaning work will continue, since Public Services cannot stop due to the great responsibility that falls on the Director.

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