29 mayo, 2023

The Baja 500 off road race will take place September 26 & 27 in San Felipe


Great news for San Felipe , the Baja 500 of road race is back, and it will bring back visitors and financial activity to San Felipe, the port will be the starting point as well as the finish line of the off road race, it was in 1989 when, it was held out of Ensenada, and that year only 118 teams managed to finish the race, the winner was Bobby Gordon, these days the COVID19 crisis has changed things all over the planet and given birth to the so called “new normality”, said Mexicali Mayor Marina del Pilar Avila Olmeda.

This so called “new normality” involves several protocols, such as taking the people´s temperature with laser thermometers, mouth protectors, disinfectant gel use, and the social distancing rules, and Mayor Avila informed that the entrepreneurial organizations and chambers have been certifying safe spaces for the port´s visitors to lure tourists and to hold the BAJA 500, fulfilling the prevention protocols.

All San Felipe restaurants have undertaken the “Safe Table” protocol, which involves the waiters and other employees participation, so they must wear gloves, mouth mask, sanitary filters and virtual menus in QR codes, the beach has reopened too, as well as the boardwalk, where tourist can enjoy, keeping the social distancing and meeting the sanitation  requirements for the race.

Hotels are also doing everything they can to set up the sanitary protocols and they have had to show that they have fulfilled all the requirements and regulations to serve the public again, so the visitors will have all the hygiene guarantees, the new “bio security” will be the instance in charge of the COVID19 strategies.

San Felipe is Mexicali´s municipality port, and it´s an important part of the one million mouth protectors delivery campaign, which is part of the city´s fight against the COVID19 worldwide problem, and due to the confirmation of the Baja 500 off road race, which according to Mayor Avila Olmeda, the race will take place on September 26 & 27, so she traveled to San Felipe to review the sanitary protocols for the event.   

San Felipe has a minimal amount COVID19 active and positive cases, during the worldwide quarantine, Mexicali municipality was one of the first cities to adopt the health and sanitary measures to avoid contagion and to set up sanitary filters in all the municipal offices and shutting down non-essential activities.   

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