1 diciembre, 2023

Dean Fernando León, of CETYS University, presented Flex 360, academic continuity program in response to the challenges of COVID Pandemics


As part of its commitment to the community and in response to the current health contingency, the first Virtual State Meeting with the Media “CETYS University before the New Normal” was held, where the actions of the Institution in the current challenges of education, as the CETYS Flex 360°, for academic continuity.

Dr. León García commented that this year’s challenges in the face of the pandemic should be considered by Higher Education Institutions as an opportunity for improvement, something that CETYS highlights, which began its 2020-2 last year’s semester. August 10. Likewise, he thanked the parents and young people for trusting in the educational project of the Institution, having as a favorable response an enrollment as of August 2020 of 93.8% of what had been projected a year ago.

“2020 has been an exercise in resilience for all organizations. In the case of CETYS, it has aspects that have helped it prepare, such as the 2020 Development Plan, through which the digital culture has been promoted. Capturing the opinion of the students and reviewing best practices, at the beginning of this new academic year, we implemented the CETYS Flex 360 ° Model, incorporating technology, adapting pedagogical schemes, training teachers, in order to start virtually and adjusting according to the health traffic light “.

He also commented that the Institution would continue to be committed to quality education from five fronts, towards its 2036 Development Plan, which are: Comprehensive, Inclusive, International, Innovative Training and with an important role in Research.

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