1 diciembre, 2023

San Felipe has started transition to become the seventh municipality of Baja California


As of January 1st of this year, San Felipe has begun the transition, form being part of Mexicali Municipality to become the seventh Municipal Administration (or city) in Baja California, after decades of financially and socially depending of the State´s Capital City (Mexicali).

After mentioning the great strengths of San Felipe, which soon will become the seventh municipality of Baja California, the president of the Foundational Municipal Council, José Luis Dagnino López, pointed out that the council and the society of the State´s newest city both have the great challenge of laying the foundations for the development of the port, which has stopped being part of Mexicali Municipal Administration.

During the installation ceremony of the Municipal Foundational Council of San Felipe, Dagnino López, said that “some of the great strengths of our municipality, San Felipe, are: we have a lot of water, fishing and aquaculture potential, areas for the development of marine-culture, tourist attractions, agricultural, livestock and mining capabilities, wind for Eolic power generation industry, real estate development, paradisiacal beaches, excellent gastronomy and endemic species ”, he pointed out.

Thus, he stated that both the Foundational Municipal Council and the Society of San Felipe have a great challenge, in which solid foundations must be laid, building the strong foundations that are required so that everything that is built on them has certainty, security and an orderly growth attached to the law.

«This Municipal Council will work to design and promote public policies aimed at the Social Welfare of the communities, always in coordination with the State Government and the Government of Mexico headed by our Governor Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda and our President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, respectively , to immediately promote and support Sports, Art and Culture, immediately support women heads of families, the elderly, people with disabilities, indigenous communities “, added Josae Luis Dagnino

They will pay special attention to Public Safety, what is necessary will be managed to improve the conditions of the service in Health matters, activities and events will be promoted that promote and increase Tourism and Economic Development activity, as well as what is related to Development will be responsibly addressed. Urban, Public Works and Services will promote and reinforce public policies aimed at Gender equality, improvement in public management and environmental protection.

San Felipe has become home for thousands of Ex-Pats, who have come to live here, and who have found a new home, where they can spend their retirement years, peacefully.

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