10 diciembre, 2023

Man who got lost in La Rumorosa on MOnday night was rescued by Aguiluchos Group


A person, who got lost in La Rumorosa on Monday , at about midnight, who had signs of hypothermia, was rescued by Aguiluchos Rescue Group, according to a press release of Baja California Civil Protection Director, Jose Salvador Cervantes Hernandez.

“According to his brother, they were in El Mirador area, on the ascending side of the road when they got out of the car to take some photographs, when he lost sight of the other man and he couldn´t find him so he called the authorities, who sent a rescue party”, said Mr. Cervantes.

He said that the man´s family gave notice to authorities trough the emergency line: “The call was canalized to us and we answered by sending a team from the Aguiluchos Rescue Group and they started searching for the lost person, he was quickly located and rescued, with slight hypothermia symptoms but in good health, fortunately, he received medical attention and he´s fine”.

Civil Protection director invited the people to be very careful and alert if they are going to take a recreational hike on the area, it is important to bear in mind that temperatures are very low in La Rumorosa this time of year, thus it is dangerous, so if anybody wants to take a walk in the area, it must be on plain daylight and they must be very careful.


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