29 enero, 2023

Fast advance of rural roads done by City Hall in Los Cabos, according to Mayor Armida Castro


With the aim of benefiting the citizens who live in the rural area of the municipality, the XIII Los Cabos City Council headed by Mayor Armida Castro Guzmán, has worked since the beginning of the Administration, in the areas furthest from the urban area, carrying out various activities, among which the rehabilitation of roads stands out.

In this sense, the general director of Public Services in Los Cabos, Roberto Sandoval Montaño, announced that, to date, there has been 95% progress in the rehabilitated roads throughout the municipality.

He explained that, in the case of the coastal roads, these works have been kept constant, as well as on the road to the Palo Escopeta community, -which is rehabilitated once a month-, and the roads of the landfills, -to whom attention is given once a week-; He added that work is being done in Miraflores, La Ribera and Santiago, as well as in the communities near Cabo San Lucas, as is the case of Migriño and Las Rancherías found in the La Candelaria area.

Lastly, the public servant shared that he has been giving support to all the vegetable garden owners: “We have provided support to all the vegetable gardens, both in La Ribera, as well as in Las Casitas, Santiago and here in San José, to make them a protection in case a lot of water falls, it does not harm your gardens”. He ended by acknowledging the satisfaction of the residents, given the improvement work that has been carried out.

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