8 diciembre, 2023

Tecate Police Department supervisor was arrested for alleged collusion with criminal organizations


After an intense Police deployment in Tecate, Yovani “X”, who was a supervisor in Tecate Police Department, was arrested for allegedly protecting organized crime groups, mostly in drug related activities, it happened in Colonia Juárez of the so called “magic town”, he was detained in a house where the arresting officers found an R15 assault weapon, a handgun, 18 cartridges, 3 magazines and 10 grams of marihuana, said Isaias Bertin Sandoval, technical secretary of Baja California Security Board.

He read a journalistic note published by a local news outlet, about the detention of this high rank Police officer, who (due to his position) had a big leverage and maneuver margin within the PD to deploy and move personnel and vehicles in order to serve and protect organized crime in Tecate, he had enrolled in September 2019 and in a few months he “climbed the ladder” at an amazing speed, which is (to say the less) a little peculiar.

Governor Jaime Bonilla recalled that as of last May, by orders of the Defense Secretary and the National Guard, the Tecate PD  Chief had been removed and an experienced military officer took charge, very experienced and trustworthy, two of his bodyguards were murdered, and according to the Governor the municipality authority just “closed its eyes” and “didn’t see” what really happened, so the new Chief thought that the Police Department was compromised and that it had been infiltrated by organized crime.

“Tecate is in the hurricane vortex regarding fuel lines theft (called huachicoleo in Spanish) here in Baja California there are no sacred cows notwithstanding if they come from the current Government they are going to be denounced and prosecuted, be it Tijuana, Rosarito or Ensenada, it´s a shame that everybody in Tecate knows the identity of a family, involved in ‘huachicoleo’ but authority hasn’t been able to find the alleged criminals”, said Gov Bonilla.

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