29 mayo, 2023

COVID-19 vaccination started in Baja California with 9 thousand doses, first responders will get it before others


Vaccination against COVID-19 has begun in Baja California, 9 thousand 750 doses from PFIZER vaccine arrived and, as of January 13 medics, nurses, paramedics, firefighters and other “first responders” will be the first ones to get it, in a historical day for the State, said Governor Jaime Bonilla who said that many people were “touched” by the virus, some of them were hospitalized, many recovered but many people have died, unfortunately.

In a protocol ceremony, Governor Bonilla, Health Secretary Oscar Alonso Perez Rico and Federal Delegate for Baja, Alejandro Ruiz Uribe, witnessed the first vaccinations in Tijuana, where five people from the Health Department were vaccinated, it was the “kick off” of the next chapter in the fight against the virus.

Governor Bonilla invited the Baja Californians not to get overconfident, vaccination has started but distribution will take quite a while, so the protection measures have to continue, because there are new strains of the virus surging, even when many people consider this the beginning of the end of the pandemic crisis that paralyzed most of the world in 2020.

Alonso Pérez Rico, informed about the details and logistics of vaccination in Baja, the first ones in the list are medics, nurses, laboratory technicians, and hospital personnel who are in direct contact with the virus through the patients they treat, form 9 thousand 500 doses that will be applied on this first stage, 3 thousand 655 people from the State Health Department will be vaccinated, the General Hospitals will get it as follows: One thousand 300 are for Mexicali, 3 thousand 365 for Tijuana, one thousand for Ensenada, San Quintin Regional Hospital will receive 150 doses..

By the end of January, according to Doctor Rico, public and private hospital staffs will be vaccinated, then from February to April, people older than 60 years old, will be vaccinated, then April thru May for people 50 to 59 years old, from May to June 40 to 49 years old and from June thru March 2022 the rest of the population will receive the dose of the Pfizer COVIS-19 vaccine.vaccination

Five people received the vaccine during the protocol ceremony in Tijuana: Perla Marina Guerrero Vázquez from Tijuana General Hospital, Head Nurse of the Emergency Room,; Doctor Jaime Noel Hernández Rodríguez chief of COVID19 patient hospitalization; then from ISSSTE (Government workers Social Security) nurse Jorge Alfredo Vega López, nurse Cristo Ramírez Núñez from Mexicali ISSSTECALI Hospital, and Doctor Viridiana de la Herrán Rivas a Pulmonologist who has been fighting the virus in the first line of combat.

After the vacination protocol ceremony, all the aforementioned subjects remained under observation for 30 minutes, the vaccine starts to have effect after about 5 hours, next Tuesday January 19 there will be a similar amount of Pfizer Covid vaccines arriving to Baja California.



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