9 diciembre, 2023

Crazed individual assaulted his mother and then attacked the cops trying to arrest him in Mexicali´s Valle de Puebla


Domestic violence is on the rise in Mexicali, the fourth of July at night, in a house of Valle de Puebla section of Mexicali, Edgar Omar “X”, aka El Oso (the bear) assaulted and battered his own mother, using a metallic blunt object, all because he wanted the keys to a black Escalade, which belongs to his mother who later said to authorities that this wasn´t the first time his son attacked her.

The man got on the vehicle but as he was leaving he crashed into the house fence, the woman had already called 911 and when the police arrived, they were also attacked by the “crazed bear” who tried to cut them with a sharp object, hurting one of the agents, so the other cops had to use excessive force to control the huge, enraged man.

In court, a judge conceded the Prosecutor’s Office (PO) petition and the bear will remain in jail as his trial develops, the court gave one month´s time for investigations to be carried out, in order for the PO to gather all this proof, information, and evidence against the violent and ungrateful son.

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