4 octubre, 2023

Heartwarming story, Mexicali PD helps brothers from Durango St. reunite with long lost sibling


Aimlessly roaming on Mexicali streets, looking dazed and lost, Natividad, a 65-year-old man who hails from Durango, was spotted by Mexicali PD officers, Saturday January 24, he looked disoriented and the cops thought he could be at risk, he said he lived in Tijuana, but he looked utterly confused, so they took him to shelter.

Mexicali PD’s Special Unit for People in State of Vulnerability, started search inquiries and worked trying to find Natividad’s relatives since he provided his surname as Dominguez Trejo and said he was from Durango, a Midwestern state, South of Sinaloa, so they set up to look for Natividad’s relatives.

The three brothers hugged and cried, it was a heartwarming reunion for the three Durango siblings.

Margarito and Baltazar Dominguez Trejo were located in Durango and were told about their brother, so Wednesday February 1, they traveled to Mexicali and reunited with their brother, they were greeted by Chief Pedro Ariel Mendívil, who had them in hos office and talked with them for a while.

Chief Mendívil told them all expenses for their trip back home, will be paid by Mexicali PD, so they can get together with the rest of their family and give Natividad the attentions he needs.

Margarito and Baltazar Domínguez, thanked Mexicali cops for their brother’s rescue and the commitment to duty of the officers who found their long-lost sibling, and also expressed their gratitude for the cops’ professional attitude managing the issue and protecting their brother, finally they will be together again.

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