25 septiembre, 2023

State Guard agents in Mexicali, arrested a man who was caught in the act trying to abuse a minor


State Guard special investigation agents, caught a man in fraganti, when he was sexually harassing a little four year old boy, he was sitting in his car with the copilot door open and showing his genitalia to the little kid, in an attempt to make him get on the car, and most likely to abuse him, that was when the agents, who were on a surveillance assignment in Parajes de Oriente section of Mexicali.

It all happened on Los Algodones avenue in Parajes de Oriente, they immediately arrested the pervert, who most probably will be arraigned soon, accused of attempting to sexually abuse a minor, while the little boy was delivered to his mother, she was advised to be more careful with her son by the General Attorney´s Office personnel and they also told her that they will keep track of the case and will provide psychological therapy for the boy.  

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