29 enero, 2023

State Guard Investigation agents saved a woman and her child from a burning house and put off the fire


A woman and her 5 year old son were defenseless, inside a house that was on fire, in Vila Las Lomas section of Mexicali, the occupants of a state police vehicle saw the smoke coming from the house backyard and got off their car to check on the house, where they saw the woman and child, their fast reaction saved those two lives.

It was 16.45 hours Sunday July 19m when the house located on 405 Estrella Street caught fire, so the agents got off their car and with simple tools, they had at hand, managed to put out the fire and take the two scared victims to safety.

The causes if the fire have not been revealed, experts are still investigating the facts to determine what caused the fire, in the meantime the woman and her little kid received medical attention and they were certified save and with no serious harm by medics.

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