4 octubre, 2023

Two young men arrested in San Felipe by the FGE, accused of attempted murder and drug dealing


Crime has been affecting San Felipe even in the times of COVID-19, two young criminals who allegedly killed a man, stabbed him eleven times and are said to be drug dealers, they had been feared by residents, and were detained by agents of the State General Attorney (FGE in Spanish), who has their eye on them for quite a long time.

According to the investigation file opened by the Public Ministry agent, posted in San Felipe both men are related to a murder committed in October 2020, when they arrived to a family celebration in Del Real section.

They arrived to a house where there was a family gathering, another young man was with them when they attacked, beat and cut a man eleven times with a blade, then before they fled the scene, they threatened all the people there to kill them if “they blew the whistle” on them, so they ran away confident that they would never have to face justice for what they did (allegedly, but most likely did).

The alleged murderers have been causing a lot of problems, they had been committing several crimes and affected many San Felipe residents (again, allegedly) among other crimes mentioned by the FGE are: Drug dealing, physical and verbal intimidation and threatening many of the port´s residents so they had been considered as “persons of interest” by the Attorney’s Office for quite a while. San Felipe

Their names are Gabriel Arturo “X” and Hector Armando “X” (their last names must be omitted according Law, until they are sentenced or acquitted), and they both have an arrest warrant issued against them for attempted murder and assault and battery, besides they were already notorious as dangerous for the San Felipe community and its residents, it seems that not even the COVID_19 pandemics stopped these two.

The complaints were filed and there was an investigation opened, and with the intelligence and data gathered by detectives of the State Guard of Security and Investigation, the warrant for their detention was issued and they were arrested and in a couple of days will go through Court hearings to decide if they are arraigned.


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