Elderly man abandoned by his family outside DIF Mexicali, survived COVID19 and now is in a retirement home


Savino Tapia is a 79 year old man, who had pneumonia and was COVID19 ´positive, had been living on the street, he was taken to the facilities of Family Development System (DIF) Mexicali, an City Hall branch that takes care of families, mostly children and elderly people, he was immediately taken to the isolating and quarantine area of the Peregrino Shelter, where, tests and medical studies found about his condition, (Pneumonia and COVID129) he is also a diabetic, he was seriously ill so he was taken to Mexicali General Hospital, where he received attention and then he was sent to the Baja California State University mobile hospital where he recovered.

María Elena Araiza Casillas, DIF Mexicali director, said that the State DIF was alerted too, and he was taken to Carlos Canseco Retirement Home in Mexicali valley´s Ejido Janitzio where he has integrated to the rest of the guests living there, and he will remain in the home until his situation improves, one of his daughters was located, but there is an ongoing investigation, so while his situation is cleared, he will stay in Canseco Retirement Home.

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