10 diciembre, 2023

Drunk driver crashed against several cars, killed a police officer, arraigned to be tried for murder


A drunk driver who ran over a Mexicali PD officer and killed him a few days ago, was arraigned by the State General Attorney (FGE in Spanish), during the Court hearing where LUIS FERNANDO “X” was accused of murder, the Judge considered that there was enough proof and evidence for the accused to remain in jail while the trial lasts.

The investigation will be three months’ time, so the next time LUIS FERNANDO “X” faces the court will be around February or march 2021, and he will remain locked up in jail because the authority thinks that he may try to run away or evade justice.drunk driver

The fatal accident happened the early morning hours of November 15, when LUIS FERNANDO “X” was driving under the influence of alcohol, he was driving way over the speed limit on Continente Europeo Avenue in Palmar de Orizaba section and when he got to Palma Sola avenue he lost control and invaded the opposite lane, going against the traffic flow.

It was then that the drunk driver collided against several other vehicles, a green Volkswagen Beetle, a Geo Metro, also green and a police car, Dodge Ram white pickup truck, causing several damages to all the cars and hurting the occupants, who were badly hurt but officer Gregorio Jimenez was not so lucky so he died there and another police officer was seriously injured.



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