1 abril, 2023

No casualties in the National Hospital System of Mexico´s social security institute after 7.5 earthquake in Central Mexico


There were no casualties, the surgical procedures were not interrupted and went on as scheduled and the attention to COVID19 patients didn´t stop all over the national hospital system of the Social Security Mexican Institute (IMSS in Spanish), said director Zoe Robledo, who headed the evacuation of the institute´s headquarters in Mexico City´s iconic avenue, Reforma.

 The earthquake had an intensity of 7.5 degrees Richter and surprised people in Mexico City and several other central and southern cities in Oaxaca, Chiapas, Guerrero, Puebla and other states where the seismic phenomena stroke, but it wasn´t very lethal (only six people died).

A Tsunami alert was issued for the Pacific Coast in Mexico, Guatemala, EL Salvador and Honduras, but fortunately, nothing happened and there were no “tidal waves” hitting the beaches, the “quake alarms”, installed in Mexico City, warned the people about one and a half minutes before the movement started, and people started vacating the buildings all over downtown CdMx.

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