24 marzo, 2023

Baja Medical can correct irregularities and reopen; taxes and alcohol license debts are from El Dorado Ranch


San Felipe clinic, Baja Medical, located inside EL DORADO RANCH, an expat community located 15 miles from the seaside town, was closed down but it can correct the irregularities that the State Commission for Sanitary Risks (COEPRIS in Spanish) detected and which had caused the place´s suspension, when personnel sut it down, but not peramnently, only until the medical service sanitizes and corrects other problems, such as medical licenses.

The CLOSED seals had been adhered in the clinic doors on May 13th, said Marco Aurelio Gamez, COEPRIS director, and  he explained that, as of June 13th during an inspection visit to Dan Felipe, two inspectors noticed there was movement inside the clinic, so they took a look and found the administrator working inside, when asked about the seals removal, she said the “the wind must have taken the seals down”, but that would have been very difficult to happen, since they were tightly adhered to the doors.

Gamez explained that the Clinic can correct the situations that caused the closure and start operating again, and that the landowner´s tax and alcohol licenses debts mentioned in the last journalistic note, are from EL DORADO RANCHJ and not the clinic.

The debt is as follows: 60 million pesos in landowners tax, as well as one million 600 thousand pesos of overdue water fees, and the revalidation of the alcohol license for EL DORADO Ranch restaurant, but he reaffirmed that there was a bribe attempt from a man related to the clinic, who tried to “pay off” the inspectors, again, the clinic may correct all the irregular situations detected by inspectors and attar operating again.   

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