1 abril, 2023

Alleged “coyote” arrested in Mexicali carrying an AR-15 assault weapon, a 9mm handgun and 11 immigrants


An alleged “pollero” or “coyote”, a person whose job is to cross illegal immigrants to the USA, was arrested in Mexicali Valley by special agents of the State Guard of Security and Investigations (GESI), according to a press release issued by the State Attorney General, he was “packing” and eleven people, allegedly intending to be helped to illegally cross to the USA by the detained suspect.

SILVESTRE “X”, a 31 year old man who was driving a Hyundai Sonata, looked suspicious to GESI agents who were on regular surveillance in Ejido Miguel Aleman in the Valley pof Mexicali; they made him stop on 5 de Mayo Avenue, to make a routine inspection.

They found an automatic assault weapon, a gun, and somehow (the release doesn’t really tell how) they managed to rescue eleven aspiring illegal immigrants, who were supposedly going to be taken to the border, in order for the “coyote” to help them illegally enter the USA.

SILVESTRE “X”, had a AR/15/M4 5.5×45 caliber, with a loaded magazine with 15 cartridges, set and ready to open fire, as well as 9 millimeter gun with 10 shots in the magazine, and eleven immigrants, but the FGE didn’t specify their nationalities or what they were going to do with them.

After arresting SILVESTRE, and informing him of his rights and the crimes of which he is accused and with which he will be charged, the State Guard sent him to the corresponding authority, who, in turn, will declare if the arrest was legal and then in another court hearing he will be arraigned and tried for illegal possession of firearms and human smuggling.

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