4 diciembre, 2023

Esacalator failure in Mexico City´s Polanco subway station left several people injured


Mexico City subway passengers at the Polanco Station on CdMx witnessed another failure in the collective transportation system, the escalators suddenly stopped working in another breakdown of a long series of “mishaps which have been affecting the underground train that transports thousands of people everyday.

The incident left several people injured, in yet another failure of the Mexico City subway train, a series of problems which according to passengers, are the aftermath of a seroious lack of preventive maintenance while the official versions state that it is “sabotage”..

According to eyewitness reports, the escalator suddenly failed when it suddenly stopped working, causing several women to fall to the ground, creating moments of panic and several people hurt but, according to the last reports, they were not seriously injured.

The Polanco Metro emergency personnel acted quickly, providing assistance to those who were injured in the failure of the stairs and those who fell, once again the Metropolitan Collective Transportation System (the Metro) suffers failures and problems, something that has been a constant for several years now.

The Metro Administration reported, in a press release on social networks, that the incident happened at 8:30 in the morning and they reported that they helped seven users who “fell” on one of the escalators.

Investigations to determine the exact causes of the failure and breakdown are underway, to implement appropriate measures and avoid future mishaps, in addition to activating the metro’s insurance, with which the user service area will follow up on the injured.

Users on networks, such as the one identified as @monbebe_m0n, criticized the lack of maintenance on the electric lights of several metro lines and it is clear that for the Head of Government of CdMx it was more important.

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