4 octubre, 2023



Women athletes, teams and leagues continue to make tremendous strides for progress and as a partner of Angel City FC and NJ/NY Gotham FC, Johnnie Walker proudly celebrates the trailblazing spirit and accomplishments these powerhouse teams and all women athletes have achieved.

Though women make up more than 40% of all athletes, they receive less than 10% of total sports news coverage*. As a brand that has a longstanding commitment to gender equality, Johnnie Walker and Emmy Award-winning actress Hannah Waddingham are on a mission to help close the visibility gap for women in sports.

Together, they are encouraging fans across the nation to ‘Watch Women Sports’ and to recognize the positive impact they can make by simply tuning into a game.Record breaking reach and attendance for this summer’s global soccer tournament shows progress is being made, but there is more work to be done to ensure the teams and athletes on the local level receive equal visibility and recognition, not just every four years, but every day like their male counterparts.

Beginning today through August 20th, anyone 21+ can go to www.justwomenssports.com/watchwomenssports to learn how to receive ‘Match Day Memos’ from Hannah and view this summer’s game day schedule.

These inspirational video reminders will be sent ahead of this summer’s most exciting games to ensure fans never miss a match and will also highlight how watching and supporting women’s sports can contribute to much needed change for cultural equality. Johnnie Walker is donating $100,000 to its nonprofit partner, the Women’s Sports Foundation, to support the critical work they are doing to expand access and opportunities for women in sport so they can play, compete and lead without barriers.

“We must do better to ensure women receive the same visibility, recognition, and accurate portrayals as their male counterparts,” says actress Hannah Waddingham. “I am excited to collaborate with Johnnie Walker, a brand that is steadfast in its support of gender equality, to help celebrate women athletes and inspire a culture that values the talents and potential of all women.”

With a shared ambition to bring women’s sports to the masses and to tap a community of dedicated women’s sports fans to help amplify the call to action, Johnnie Walker partnered with Just Women’s Sports, a digital-first media platform committed to unleashing the energy and hype that defines women’s sports.”Everywhere you look, women’s sports are on the rise,” said Just Women’s Sports Founder and CEO Haley Rosen.

“Investment, viewership and participation are all up — but media coverage is still stuck at a shockingly low percentage. Johnnie Walker shares our vision of what women’s sports can be, and we’re thrilled to be teaming up on this unique and needed initiative to drive more equitable coverage.”

Hannah and Johnnie Walker’s ‘Match Day Memos’ were scripted and produced in partnership with Hello Sunshine’s in-house agency Solar. Hello Sunshine is a media company which believes in the power of story to broaden perspectives and change the world for women. Highlighted in each memo are empowering insights curated by the Women’s Sports Foundation.”The time to invest in women’s sports is now, and everyone, from brands to fans, has a role to to play, which is why Johnnie Walker is doubling down on our partnerships to build an even broader fanbase for these bold athletes,” stated Sophie Kelly, Senior Vice President of Whiskies at DIAGEO North America.

“Women athletes have the power to help shape culture, inspire other women as positive role models, and break societal narratives so please join us in celebrating them and tuning in as we cheer them on all year long.”On July 2, the brand’s NWSL partners NJ/NY Gotham FC and Angel City FC competed against each other at Red Bull Arena during the Women’s Empowerment Game presented by Johnnie Walker. During warm-ups, players from both teams wore tops designed by celebrated illustrator, Monica Ahanonu, representing a one team approach towards achieving gender equality. Monica’s illustrations depict how “we lift each other up as we rise and break through barriers” and fans can purchase these limited edition tops at Angel City FC and NJ/NY Gotham FC online merchandise shops.

The teams will be donating a portion of sales proceeds to Johnnie Walker’s nonprofit partner, the Women’s Sports Foundation.”Seeing a brand like Johnnie Walker use its platform to educate and empower people across the country to watch women’s sports is thrilling,” said WSF CEO Danette Leighton. “

We at the Women’s Sports Foundation know from our extensive research that it is imperative to have brands, organizations and corporations invest in women’s sports to reach true equity. As millions tune in to the Women’s World Cup, it is our hope that this campaign inspires everyone to continue following women athletes in all sports throughout the year and encourages them to uplift all women in their communities so they can thrive on and off the field.”

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