26 marzo, 2023

Ambassador Ken Salazar to meet with Governor Marina del Pilar in Mexicali border crossing at 9:30 this Friday


As Mexico´s border cities will soon receive about 30 thousand immigrants in a monthly basis, residents of those cities wonder how those immigrants will be fed an taken care of in stances such as hygiene, medical services, who will pay for all the services they.

They hail from different Central American countries: Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Haiti, and among the Mexican states bordering with the USA, Baja California (Tijuana, Tecate and Mexicali) will receive the biggest number of immigrants.

There are other worrisome issues that Governor Marina del Pilar will surely mention to Ambassador Ken Salazar, such as the border crossing facilities and the length of “crossing times” in commercial customs, which sometimes take prolonged amounts of time and affect the operation cost of exports and maquila operations.

Border security and illegal immigration must also be in the day schedule this Friday morning when Governor Marina del Pilar and Ambassador Ken Salazar meet in a couple of hours.

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