4 junio, 2023

Everett Stern to release new allegations regarding the former top FBI official Charles McGonigal


Everett Stern, former US Senate candidate, author and Intelligence Director of Tactical Rabbit will hold a press conference on the steps of the New York Public Library, at 5th Avenue and 42 Street in New York City at 4pm EST to release other damaging allegations against the former head of FBI counterintelligence Charles McGonigal.

McGonigal is charged by the US Department of Justice, Southern District of New York with money laundering and conspiring to commit money laundering for Oleg Deripaska, a sanctioned Russian oligarch. McGonigal is accused of receiving payments through shell companies and forging signatures in order to keep it a secret that Deripaska was paying him.

McGonigal is charged separately in Washington, D.C., with taking money from an Albanian intelligence agent while still at the FBI.

Stern was introduced to McGonigal in 2018 during a second investigation into HSBC bank for sanction violations and money laundering. Stern was commissioned with seeking additional intelligence information, and McGonigal was his point of contact. “I have good reasons to believe this second investigation of HSBC bank was squashed by McGonigal,” said Stern, “and I believe that this started much earlier in 2015,” he added.

In 2015, Stern was approached to track down a diamond stolen from Oleg Deripaska by a close colleague of McGonigal and former FBI agent who has also been arrested and charged with conspiracy and other charges.

“This is only the tip of the iceberg,” said Stern.

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