20 marzo, 2023

Hurricane Safety Tips and Life-Saving Advice Now Available at New Digital Destination: Hurricane225.com


The destruction Hurricane Ian left behind will be remembered as we rebuild in the years to come. Homes and livelihoods were obliterated by Ian, tied for fifth place as the strongest hurricane to make landfall in the mainland United States. Combining winds of 150 mph and a massive storm surge, this Category-4 storm devastated a wide swath of the Florida coast, gutting homes and businesses and smashing infrastructure.

CoreLogic, a U.S. property data and analytics company, estimated the insured losses in Florida at between $28 billion and $47 billion last week, when Ian was taking aim at South Carolina after slamming across Florida. Just-released reports indicate that at more than 100 deaths have been attributed to Hurricane Ian.  

This pattern of devastating hurricane impacts is likely to continue into the coming decades. With this in mind, Deltec Homes, award-winning international builders of hurricane-resistant homes, has launched Hurricane225.com, a comprehensive consumer information website bringing together the best free resources and latest knowledge in one digital destination with a focus on how Americans can stay safe as the threat from hurricanes increases. Hurricane225.com is sponsored by Deltec Homes with valuable content authored by Josh Morgerman (@iCyclone), the world’s top hurricane chaser.

The content on Hurricane225.com offers practical and valuable guidelines for hurricane preparedness and safety. Website sections also include helpful advice for seniors, children, and pets, a list of top-notch hurricane tracking apps, hurricane history, compelling hurricane facts, and home safety measures. The site’s main message to Americans: hurricanes are dangerous, so be prepared.

“Our goal in creating this site was to offer a resource of excellent and relevant information so consumers can plan for hurricanes in the places that are prone to them. For example, our storm survival playbook recommends you don’t underestimate the power of water. A hurricane may have tremendous winds but water, specifically the storm surge, is a hurricane’s biggest killer. If you are living in a coastal area, you must realize that the predicted storm surge height may be exceeded,” states Steve Linton, president, Deltec Homes. 

Linton further adds: “Sadly, where history used to be a guide, it may mislead us today as climate change spurs more devastating storms than ever before. We saw a loss of life from such thinking with Katrina and now again with Ian.” 

The name Hurricane 225 refers to a current project undertaken by Deltec to design a home that can withstand hurricane force winds up to 225 mph. The completion date is slated for 2023. “Right now, our engineers are developing ‘The Home of the Future,’ the Deltec 225, which leverages our vast 54-year experience as the world leader in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of hurricane-resistant residential structures.”   

Hurricane 225 will use precision engineering to incorporate the latest wind-resistant building components, such as impact-resistant windows capable of resisting flying debris impact and high wind pressures, structural hardware capable of providing a continuous load path to transfer forces from the roof to the foundation, and higher strength building materials — a new evolution in high-performance, hurricane-resistant homes. 

The site also emphasizes Deltec’s signature 360-degree homes, which have a 99.9% survival rate against every hurricane for the past 50+ years, including multiple Category-5 hurricanes with sustained winds up to 185 mph. Witnessing the tremendous human toll a hurricane takes, from property damage to human life, Deltec continuously works to make homes safer by utilizing innovative design solutions. 

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