20 marzo, 2023

Salvador Magaña’s: “Citizen of the World, sayings of clay” sculpture exhibition in UABC Campus Mexicali


Baja California State Autonomous University (UABC) opened the sculpture exhibition “Citizen of the world, sayings of clay”, by Salvador Magaña, it includes 55 pieces, the talent and mastery with which they were created are a sample of Maestro Magaña´s work.

Several of the sculptures on display, were crafted by Maestro Magaña with soil materials from Mexicali and Tecate, to form the clau which he later shaped into amazing statues, sculptures and ceramics, using formulas that he developed since he arrived in Baja California in the early 1980´s.

Salvador Magaña´s exhibition will be open until June 20, 2023, and it is an excellent way to get acquainted with his work.

UABC college community as well as general public can appreciate the sculptures in the “Rubén García Benavides” Hall of the student community center Mexicali UABC Campus, it will be open until June 20, 2023, said Dean Luis Enrique Palafox Maestre in last Thursday´s Opening Ceremony.

Palafox Maestre, praised Maestro Magaña´s career, and expressed his appreciation for his creative work as well as for several generations of artists whom he taught and led, his years as a Professor in UABC Art School, and reminded that he was awarded the University Merit Recognition in 1998.

Magaña arrived as an immigrant from Mexico City about 40 years ago and built up a very serious body of work, making ceramics and sculptures made of the very soil that hosted and welcomed him, Baja California, said Dean Palafox.

Professor Evangelina Guzmán, Magaña widow and owner of the collection thanked UABC for opening its doors to the sculptures in which we can observe a deep observation of nature by the author and his evident capabilities and skills in handling clay, a material that can be complex to work with.

UABC Mexicali Campus, located on Benito Juarez Boulevard, just a couple of blocks from Lucerna Hotel, near one of Mexicali exits to the San Felipe Highway.

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