26 marzo, 2023

Sanitary Authority and State Attorney close Arcangeles Hospital in Tijuana, due to the death of a patient


Hospital Arcángeles of Tijuana, was suspended from all activity by the State Commission for Protection against Sanitary Risks of Baja California (COEPRIS BC), derived from the investigation of the death of a patient during a surgery procedure.

The hospital facilities are located in La Mesa delegation, and they were visited by Erwin Areizaga Uribe, head of COEPRIS BC, where the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) had been working the facilities as Crime Scene and sealed the doors in the surgery room area, in order to halt all activities due to the death of a patient.

When he arrived and toured the facilities, COEPRIS personnel temporarily closed the surgery rooms, hemodialysis, X-rays, and ultrasound, leaving access only to the administrative area to redirect the rest of the patients receiving care at that time.

Areizaga Uribe said that COEPRIS works together with the State Attorney Office (FGE), they are awaiting the results of the patient’s necropsy to determine if there is something to legally pursue, in addition to being able to review the clinical file of the deceased patient and check if the protocols established by Law were carried out during this surgery.

Hospital Arcángeles lawyer, has five business days to solve and answer the observations made by COEPRIS and FGE during verification on Friday. In case of not doing so, administrative sanctions would be applied and they can lead to a fine and a longer suspension time, the state commissioner said.

Likewise, Areizaga guaranteed that COEPRIS will permanently set up actions of surveillance in clinics all over the State, not only Tijuana, as well as providers of various health services in the private sector, so that they comply with current health regulations, for the well-being of their patients.

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