26 marzo, 2023

Assault rifles and tactical equipment seized in San Felipe by the FGE, four men arrested


Four alleged criminals, who were in possession of assault rifles, live ammo and tactical equipment, were arrested in San Felipe by special agents of the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE), they were identified as: Francisco Javier “N”, Levit “N”, Josué ” N” and Erick Jhovany “N”, who will face Federal Justice for putting San Felipe residents our risk, according to an FGE press release.

San Felipe is a touristic municipality where people want to work and develop in peace, so the FGE promised to bring to justice all those people who commit crimes or generate criminal acts and violence against the citizens of the port, said Attorney General of Baja California, Ricardo Iván Carpio Sánchez.

He thanked the Secretary of State Citizens’ Security, SEDENA (Army), SEMAR (Navy), the National Guard and San Felipe PD for their support during the operation; he assured that it all resulted from the coordination and monitoring strategies which have been set up by the State Citizen Security Board, headed by Governor Marina Del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, will continue.

After the arrest of the four subjects, the FGE agents seizedassault rifles which are for the exclusive of the Armed Forces, a 2019 Ford pickup truck, cartridges, chargers, a ballistic helmet, radio communication equipment, and various tactical equipment as detailed below.:

1.- long gun M4 caliber .223
2.- Long gun M4 caliber .223
3.- Long weapon Ak47 caliber 7.62
4.- 153 7.62 caliber cartridges
5.- 4 PMAG magazines for .223 caliber
6.- 94 cartridges caliber .223
7.- 2-disc magazines with a capacity of 100 shots for 7.62 caliber
8.- 1 hand locks (handcuffs)
9.- 3 balaclava masks
10.- 1 bulletproof helmet
11.- 2 Kenwood radios
12.- 1 Ford F150 vehicle model 2019
13.- 4 cell phones

In the press release announcing the arrest, the State Attorney General’s Office assured that they will go on investigating and working in order enforce the Law and punish all those people who intend to disrupt social tranquility.

Regarding the seized assault rifles and equipment, he said that the possession of those assault rifles is a serious crime in Mexico, since they are to be used only by military and police personnel previously authorized by SEDENA (Army) therefore, people unrelated to state security or the military, will not be allowed to carry that kind of weaponry.

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