1 abril, 2023

Hindu Leader Urges Indian Government to Begin Diplomatic Talks to Release Indian American Businessman Nikesh Patel


One of India’s leading Gurus of modern Hinduism, Jagadguru Shree Vallabhacharyaji, also known as Vicki Bava, (Guru Bava) is urging top members of Narendra Modi’s BJP government to open diplomatic talks with U.S. officials to release Indian American Businessman Nikesh Patel from prison, in alignment with his co-defendant, for serving his due time.

The announcement comes a month following Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr. publicly calling on the U.S. Attorney in Chicago, John Lausch, urging an investigation into what is ten times a greater prison sentence of Patel, in comparison with his white co-defendant, Timothy Fisher.

“I have spoken with and expressed my concerns and wishes for Nikesh with Mitesh Rameshbhai Patel (Bakabhai) and implored him to begin diplomatic discussions with his counterparts in the U.S. to have Nikesh released from prison,” said Guru Bava. “Patel has served his time and deserves the same opportunity for redemption and rehabilitation as his white co-defendant who has already been released.”

Guru Bava is urging Indian Government officials such as Bakabhai to use diplomatic channels to release Nikesh on moral grounds saying, “As his spiritual advisor, I’ve known him since he was a young boy, and I am committed to doing whatever I can. He has fallen, but God will lift him so he can give back and serve the nation which has done so much for him and his family.” 

Guru Bava is the global leader of the Pushtimarg religion, a sect under Vaishnavism, which dates back to the early 16th century. Guru Bava oversees temples throughout India, England, Canada, and the U.S. as well as regularly counsels top members of the Indian Government.

While in prison, Patel has served as a model inmate, working as a mentor, participating in the suicide cadre, teaching in numerous development programs including GED and small business classes, yoga, and resume writing. Patel’s co-defendant was released from prison on compassionate release in 2021, due to his asthma. Patel also suffers from asthma but received no consideration even though, in the government’s own words, they were “more or less equal,” in many ways including health, but not in the way of race.

Patel’s prosecution was primarily handled by one of Lausch’s deputies, who was once charged by authorities with prosecutorial misconduct, for which he was acquitted. 

Patel, who grew up in Florida and amassed fortunes in numerous business enterprises, was well known in community and political circles for his philanthropy. That generosity also extended to India, where he supported many causes for women and girls, as well as other humanitarian and equality efforts.

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