4 octubre, 2023

John and Patrick McEnroe will play the first ever pro tennis match in Anctartica


Two tennis legends, the McEnroe brothers, John and Patrick, will play the first professional tennis match in Antarctica, an epic adventure, a historic match where the two siblings, who were big professional tennis stars in the eighties, mostly John who was famous for his tantrums and arguments with judges.

Atlas World Navigator in Antarctica

The expedition, which will take place on 22-March 5, 2022, is expected to attract an intimate group of tennis aficionados, and guests will have the opportunity to travel with the McEnroes for the whole eleven- day voyage. Some travelers will even have the chance to play with any of the McEnroe brothers, as part of this unique experience.

A private chartered plane will fly guests from Orlando, Florida to Ushuaia, Argentina, where they will board one of the most luxurious ships in the Polar Regions – The World Navigator, one of the most environmentally friendly ships at sea; it employs a clean-burning hybrid, electric-hydro propulsion and an anchorless positioning system.

Besides interacting with the McEnroes, guests will have the chance to see the famed Drake Passage, visit unique locations across the South Shetland Islands and Antarctica Peninsula, behold blue glaciers and snowy icebergs, the travelers will visit sites that have amazed and inspired scientists, explorers, and sightseers alike for centuries. 

Antarctica experts and expedition leaders will present hands-on workshops on topics that include marine wildlife, glaciology, ecology, climate change, astronomy, photography and Antarctica history.

John McEnroe said: “I’m excited to travel to Antarctica and play my brother, Patrick, in the first-ever professional tennis match on the seventh continent, and to help raise awareness to the challenges facing one of the most remote and amazing places on the planet. This will be an epic adventure and a one-of-a-kind expedition.”

Patrick added, “I am thrilled to continue our sibling rivalry with my brother, John, playing an exhibition tennis match in Antarctica this coming February. I have always wanted to explore the amazing landscapes of Antarctica, and how could I miss out on playing the first ever pro tennis match there against my own brother? I can only promise one thing, a McEnroe will win!”

https://prnmedia.prnewswire.com/news-releases/us-tennis-legends-john-mcenroe-and-patrick-mcenroe-to-play-first-ever-professional-tennis-match-in-antarctica-301428940.html FOR FURTHER INFORMATION ABOUT THIS MATCH AND THE TRIP TO ANCTARTICA; CLICK ON THE LINK

Visit LegendsAbroad.com for additional information on this expedition or contact us at: support@legendsabroad.com to secure your reservation.

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