20 marzo, 2023

Iconic Mexicali school stained by child molestation, RICARDO ROBERTO, predator on the loose, authorities negligence


“Maybe I’m still very innocent and I trust justice, I trust that they will do their job well because there are too many girls and girls don’t lie, when your son tells you something like that, believe him,” says Dulce María Angulo, mother of one of the 16 girls who suffered sexual abuse by RICARDO ROBERTO “N” (Mexican Criminal Law doesn´t allow to mention surnames of suspects if they have not been found guilty by a Judge in Court) who is now a wanted man with an arrest warrant for “Aggravated Pederasty”.

They have hung cartels and have been rallying in the border crossings and other spots in Mexicali, handing out fliers with RICARDO ROBERTO “N” picture and, trust State Attorney who said that FGE is keeping tracks on him and it is just a matter of time, but ´the girls´ parents are skeptical, cause it´s been quite a “strange” story.

Dulce Maria is one of the parents of those children who have decided to hunt for RICARDO ROBERTO “N”, who preyed on their children and somehow and so far, has been able to get away with it, but she and the other girls parents have set out to find him, since “somehow” he skipped court and he´s on the loose, wanted by authorities.

He was a substitute teacher at Leona Vicario School, one of the oldest Elementary Schools in Mexicali, a symbol of local history, where accusations against RICARDO ROBERTO “N” first started, it all began with one girl telling her parents and then a few more girls accused him, so it got to the media and the State Attorney had to answer, while the number of abused girls rose to 14 in that school and 2 more in another one.

Early December, in a press conference with Governor Marina del Pilar Avila next to him and the number of victims on the rise, State Attorney Ricardo Carpio said that there was a court hearing set for December 16, and that RICARDO ROBERTO “N” would show up, even when he was not under custody, as Mr. Carpio said: “He is free”, “since he had complied with all authorities’ requirements”, and the girls´ parents questioned why he was not already in jail by then.  

The teacher was “suspended” but not sent home, he was confined to the Vice Director´s office of Leona Vicario Elementary, but there were protocols designed for these sorts of cases, which were not followed by Baja California Sated Department, and when his “day on court” came, RICARDO ROBERTO “N” didn´t show up and has been on the loose since then.

Then “somebody” decided to terminate the school´s Principal, scapegoat and most of the affected children´s parents stood for him, now there is a warrant against him, but the parents wonder why he hadn´t been arrested, after all the accusations and media scandal that this abomination caused, there was Government authorities’ negligence and the parents felt let down.

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