29 enero, 2023

San Felipe gold mine shuts down leaving employees helpless and with no severance pay, abusive company “protected by the Government” 


San Felipe gold mine, Minera Frisco, which had been operating for about 30 years or so, suddenly closed down, and halted all operations on a very short notice to employees, and using a very cheap and low blow against the workers , by telling them, with just a couple of days advance notice that they were to report to work at a Zacatecas mine as of December first. 

A group of affected workers went to the State House of Represntatives, where Congressman Juan Manuel Molina, talked to them to become aware of the problem as a whole and then he set up a press conference where the fired employees talked about the vile tactics used by the company to fire them with no severance payment whatsoever.

This comes as a very low and vile tactic to avoid paying severance to them due to the termination of the labor relationship, by the employer and with no “justifiable cause# to cease the employment relationship, which is odd (to say the least) since GRUPO CARSO the corporation behind the mine belongs to Carlos Slim one of the world’s and Mexico´s most wealthy men. 

A cruel injustice for all Minera Friso employees, which was operated by Human Resources Director, Rafael Rojo and the Legal Representative of CARSO Javier Flores, who were in charge of «giving the thrust» to workers with a clever tactic, summoning them to report to work in Zacatecas (a south central state which is more than a thousand miles from Mexicali) in another mine. 

A true low and devious blow, commented some of the mine workers, since the company did not give them the slightest alternative, in addition to trying to «send» them to that State to work, without supporting them with housing or transportation, a true legal trap operated by Rojo and Flores.

Carlos Slim is one of President López Obrador’s favorite businessmen, he is even considered am entrepreneurial guru of sorts and an example to follow, but the way to end operations and close down the San Felipe mine is an example of Grupo Carso’s ethics. 

Rogelio Orman Castro, a geologist who worked at the mine, said that Grupo Carso is managed with questionable ethics, they say that the worker is treated with dignity and that they are respected, but it is clear that this is not really true, «we appeal to an ethic of principles that must govern”, said the mine worker who was left without a job overnight without liquidation. 

As a geologist, Orman Castro believes that the vein has not been exhausted, that there is still a lot of gold and silver to be extracted, however, in an unusual decision, the company closes and they were notified at the last minute that they have to report to work in Zacatecas, without the slightest explanation, an obvious «bad move» with overtones of legality. 

Federal and state labor authorities, will have to issue some kind of official position, because someone must defend the labor rights of workers who, in the event of closure, should be “liquidated” (paid severance) according to Mexico´s Federal Labor Law, at least at the state level there must be some position. 

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