22 marzo, 2023

Violent assault and robbery in Mexicali streets, two alleged assailants fled on a motorcycle and were caught by Mexicali PD cops


Two individuals, alleged perpetrators of a violent assault and robbery against a 50 year old man, fled on a motorcycle and were later located and arrested by cops of the Mexicali Police Department, (DSPM in Spanish) another blow against the crime and insecurity that affects the city, this time it ended in the arrest of the two violent assailants, according to press release from the DSPM.

An emergency call was received at the Control and Computing Center (C4) reporting that, on Monday, October 31 in the morning, around Laguna San Cristóbal Avenue and Casa del Patron, a violent attack and robbery had occurred.


Mexicali PD officers were alerted and arrived at the scene a few minutes later, where they met with a 51-year-old man, whose name remained anonymous and claimed that he had just been assaulted and robbed by two subjects who threatened him with 9-millimeter gun and then fled on a motorcycle, with his money and other personal belongings.

Mexicali PD cops assigned to the Central Zone, responded to the emergency call, according to the Police report, always trying to protect the passerby, they managed to locate the two violent thugs, a few blocks from the crime scene and arrested them, as they matched the description of the alleged perpetrators of the violent robbery, and were riding a motorcycle like the one the victim described to the cops.

The victim claimed he had been the victim of the two fierce individuals, who arrived aboard an Italika motorcycle, violently stripped him of his belongings, threatening him with a .9-millimeter caliber pistol; later they escaped aboard the motorcycle,

The affected party, after regaining calm, reported the events and requested police support by dialing 911, then the C4 Control and Computing Center notified the cops who were patrolling near the spot of the robbery, when they arrived the victim explained them the details of the violent stick up and gave the description of the alleged assailants, then the officers began looking for them in the surroundings.

The DSPM officers quickly deployed a search operation, thanks to the physical and clothing characteristics that the victim had given them, they managed to locate, a few streets away, the alleged perpetrators, riding an Italika motorbike, at ease, aloof, as if nothing had happened, or perhaps looking for more victims.


The men, who were identified as Miguel Oscar “N”, 30 years old, and Jorge Oswaldo “N”, 22 years old, were seized and transferred to the Central Command to continue with the corresponding legal procedures before the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE).

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