22 marzo, 2023

Two men arrested by the FGE in San Felipe in possession of drugs, they also have an outstanding arrest warrant for homicide


Two police sting operations that were carried out in San Felipe, in Saturday, October 29 afternoon, the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE), headed by Prosecutor Ricardo Iván Carpio Sánchez and coordinated with elements of the Secretary of National Defense (SEDENA), National Guard, State Citizen Security Force agents and San Felipe PD, managed to secure forbidden substances and arrested two suspects, Marcos “N” and José “N”.

Both men seem to have outstanding warrants for homicide, according to the FGE, the search and arrests were the result of investigative work, with the support of tactical intelligence and actions in the field, which led to the location of the addresses that were effectively seized.

These operations result of intervention and investigation strategies, designed by the Security Table headed by Governor Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, who has ordered several actions, and with law enforcement authorities of the three levels of government, they all participate in this sort of operations.

There were three heat-sealed pink plastic bags impounded, containing a granulated substance with the characteristics of methamphetamine with a net weight of 3 mg, which the man named Marcos Arturo brought with him; two heat-sealed pink plastic bags containing the same substance, similar to methamphetamine, with an approximate weight of 2 mg, which the man named José Ángel had on him.

In addition, the insurance of two people who are available to the Public Ministry, to determine their alleged responsibility in criminal acts that ended in the murder of a person.

The State Attorney General’s Office will keep working, coordinated with all the law-enforcing agencies that operate in Baja California, to continue fostering the security conditions that all Baja Californians deserve and seek in order to live peacefully.

Likewise, the FGE stated, in a press release, that it wouldn’t spare human and technological resources to locate, arrest and punish those who with criminal acts have damaged the tranquility of our State.

Both these searches, as well as the successful rescue that took place in the port of Ensenada of a person who was deprived of liberty, are actions that show that impunity will not be allowed in Baja California and there will be no rest in favor of security.

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