22 marzo, 2023

Three men who sold crystal methamphetamine in San Felipe´s streets, were arraigned by the State Attorney Office


Three alleged “retailers” from San Felipe who supposedly sold methamphetamine, were arraigned, they faced their “day in Court” in three separate hearings, the Judge granted a period of one month for the complementary investigations, but the suspects will remain behind bars while their sentences are delivered.

The State Attorney General’s Office (FGE), through the Specialized Narcomenudeo Prosecutor’s Office, obtained the arraignment to process for three subjects for the so-called “crime against health” in Mexican Law; Narcomenudeo refers to drug sales on the streets or “barrios” at a “retailer” scale, not wholesale.

In separate hearings, the Public Ministry agent presented enough evidence and proof for the Judge to set a one-month deadline for additional investigations to be carried out, but it is most likely that the three men will be found guilty since there was a thorough investigation carried out by the State Attorney Office.

Possession of methamphetamine for commercial purposes, Eliot Michelle “N”, 37, was arraigned, his case is related to a search carried out by the State Investigation Agency (AEI), on the 12th of October, on Mar Adriatico and Mar de Norway avenues in the Porto Bello subdivision of the municipality of San Felipe.

At the scene, the narcotics were seized, they were 56 transparent plastic wrappers closed with a knot, which contained a granulated substance with characteristics of methamphetamine.

Meanwhile, Armando “N”, 54, and Crezcano “N”, 43, began their legal proceedings for simple possession of methamphetamine, after being arrested on October 12 of this year, with several doses of the synthetic drug, methamphetamine which seems to be the drug of choice for most addicts nowadays.

According to the information provided, the defendants were detained during the completion of a search warrant by the State Investigation Agents in a hotel located on Avenida Mar Báltico Sur in the Zona Centro neighborhood of the port.

The State Attorney General’s Office implements operational actions against drug dealing, in order to remove individuals who are dedicated to the sale and distribution of drugs from the streets.

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