26 marzo, 2023

Hurricane Kay approaches Baja California all State in alert: Governor Marina del Pilar Avila


Hurricane Kay has now descended to Category One, but according to the National Water Commission´s (CAN in Spanish) climatology service, it´s 110 miles from Cabo San Lucas, and there are very intense storms expected for the South of the peninsula and heavy rain in the North end, and may affect both Coasts, the pacific and the Sea of Cortez with high tideal waves and rainstorms.

Broad cloud systems are causing very heavy rains all over the West on Northwest of Mexico, besides the storms in Baja California South; there are hard gusts of wind and high tidal waves all over Mexico´s Northwestern Coast.

The system continues its forecast trajectory heading North on a course, which is parallel to the Western Coast of Baja California, so San Quintin, Cedros Islands and Ensenada, are on red alert and all San Felipe, Ensenada and San Quintín schools have closed for Thursday and Friday according to Governor Marina del Pilar Avila.

They also advised people to stay at home and stay alert for more information regarding the hurricane which has already decreased to Category One, but there is still big probabilities of hazard by wind gusts and thick rain, so stay alert.

The State Civil Protection authority has issued a warning so all the State is in alert, but Mexicali, Tecate and Tijuana schools are not closing Friday, unless weather conditions get harder and then the State Government through the Education Secretary.

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