23 octubre, 2021

Homeless man who adopted 14 stray dogs, got help from Community Outreach of the General Attorney´s Ofice


Stray dogs are a very serious issue in Mexicali, it´s a public health hazard and an environmental problem, many of them have been abandoned by irresponsible owners and others are the offspring of many unwanted dogs who roam the city streets, nevertheless, there are several people and organizations, making a big effort to solve this problem, and minimize the amount of dogs that are taken to the Animal Control Center in order to be sacrificed.

A homeless man, who lives on Hector Teran Boulevard, near one of Mexicali´s landfills, next to Xochimilco lagoon, had collected and adopted fourteen stray dogs that he had found roaming aimlessly, in different points of the city, he requested help to vaccinate and other assistance from authorities, in order to keep the dogs from being taken to the Animal Control Center and being sacrificed.

Being someone who is not affluent at all, his effort to help, shelter and protect these dogs is something that the Community Outreach department of the State Attorney General (FGE in Spanish) took in consideration and went to the place where he lives with his dogs in order to get acquainted with the man and his pet´s situation, and provide the help needed.

He asked them for support and help him get the dogs vaccinated, he wants to take care of them and keep collecting stray dogs in order to help them, this comes to show that this man has a big heart and empathy for these dogs, and with the summer high temperatures just a few weeks from today, the man and the dogs may be at risk.

So the Community Outreach department of the FGE, working together with Operative Direction personnel (Units 1350 & 1349) and doctor Ariana Montoya, a vet form the Vetfriendly clinic, who helped the FGE agents to give rabies shots to the fourteen dogs who have been abandoned, and that the man has found and taken under protection.


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