31 mayo, 2023

Weird thief takes money, cigarrettes and a deodorant bar from a Mexicali convenience store after threatening clerk with a knife


CARLOS ROBERTO “N” a weird robber.

After violently robbing a convenience store on Sunday night in the Robledo Section of Mexicali, Carlos Roberto “N”, 22 years old, was arrested by municipal policemen who responded to the call made to the C4 center by the person in charge of the business.

The cops detained the thief and recovered the stolen money, in addition, the detainee allegedly robbed another business hours before he stroke against the second store the one for which he was arrested.

The C-4 received the call about the incident, a violent individual inside a store located on Caoba Avenue and Industrial Street in Colonia Robledo threatened the clerk, the cops quickly arrived, then the victim gave them details and a description of the alleged assailant so that they could initiate the search.

A few bills and cigarette packs, as well as a deodorant bar, were stolen by a young criminal in a convenience store in Mexicali.

The 29-year-old woman explained that moments before the cops arrival, a subject had entered the store, he immediately threatened her with a knife, commanding her to give him the cash from the register; later, with the money in his hands, he escaped on foot, also taking 5 packs of cigarettes and a Rexona brand deodorant (really).

The Mexicali cops who arrived to the scene, deployed a search operation, finding the alleged perpetrator who matched the characteristics provided by the affected person; so he was arrested and transferred to the East Zone Sub-precinct for the corresponding legal procedures.

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